Warranty Support

NOTE: Hive Development Corp. is concerned with ensuring you live in a quality, cared for space that makes you happy.

This is why Lexington owners have a one year Builder's Warranty from date of purchase. 

Please submit warranty claims through the form on the left. We will respond to claim ASAP but timelines may vary depending on scale of issue. A response will be no later than (2) two weeks.

BEFORE YOU CONTACT US: Have you read your owner's manual? Have checked to ensure your furnace filter is clean? Have you checked your electrical panel to see if any circuits have been tripped? Have you checked the nearest GFCI outlset to see if it has been tripped? 

Sometimes, on rare occassions, especially in winter, your floor drain's trap may dry out and allow unfortunate smells to arise. Simply pour a container of water down the drown to block these smells should they occur.

Emergencies: An emergency is defined as needing immediate attention due to a safety concern or substantial damage to property. Examples include a broken water pipe; furnace failure in midwinter; etc.

In case of EMERGENCY contact (204) xxx-xxxx.

***NOTE*** Should damage reported be determined to have been caused by occupant a service charge may be levied.

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