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The Un-Basement: Your Best Investment?

Basement condos have gotten a bad rap over the years. People automatically decide they do not want to own one. Often this decision is made instantaneously without even looking at the unit. Do basement suites deserve the reputation? We don’t think so, but it depends on the builder. Let us explain.

At Hive Development Group we go out of our way to avoid words like basement and use the phrase “lower level” instead. We think we have amazing “lower level” units and we also think people are missing a big opportunity by assuming they would not like them.

It’s true – some basement condos are dark and small, but this is not the case for all of them. We like to think when we design a lower level condo we are designing an un-basement with a number of pro’s.

The Un-basement Pros:

1. The un-basement is often the same size or larger than other units. In our condos at The Lexington on 9th our lower levels have exactly the same design and layout as the upper levels with the same indoor space.

2. The un-basement is less expensive. You get the same bang for a lot less buck with an un-basement condo – sometimes you even get more. At the Lexington on 9th an upper level 2-bedroom unit sells for $169,900 and includes three appliances. The same design and sized unit in the lower level with FIVE appliances AND blinds throughout costs $154,900 – that’s $15,000 less for more when you purchase a lower level condo. What could you use that extra $15,000 for?

3. Privacy – lower level units feel more private for a number of reasons. A big reason is that you and your neighbour are the only ones that live on that level. Also, the Lexington condos have significantly upgraded soundproofing compared to the average – six layers between you and the folks upstairs for beautiful, relaxing silence. Also – you do not have anyone under you – stomp away to your heart’s content – there’s no one down there to bother.

4. High Ceilings - Some cons that scare people away from basements include lower ceilings, smaller windows and that weird ledge that runs around the inside. At The Lexington, our lower level units have ceilings that are almost 9 feet high and our windows are HUGE and entirely south facing for a bright, sunny condo. Also – no weird ledge.

5. EXTRAS! That’s right, because of the bad rap lower level condos get they often come with extras. At the Lexington this means you get five appliances instead of three AND you get blinds throughout the entire condo (including black out blinds in the bedrooms).

In reality there’s nothing wrong with a lower level if you can find an un-basement like the ones at The Lexington from a builder like Hive Development Group. In fact, you could say that everything is right with our lower level condos.

So, what are you waiting for? Your new condo is just a phone call or text away. Call/Text Peter at 204-823-0598 and he can get you in for a showing!


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