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Soundproofing 101

I just met with someone yesterday who said that in his current apartment, he can hear his neighbour snoring. Yikes. It's bad enough when a family member snores!

I have been doing a tremendous amount of research into how to best soundproof The Lexington. I want our condos to be known for being stylish, comfortable and quiet. So here's a lesson on sound, and the transmission of sounds in condominiums.

There are 2 different types of sounds that people in multifamily dwellings often complain about: the low-frequency "thud" type sounds, and the high-frequency sounds of things dropping, etc. Not surprisingly, there are different sound-blocking techniques to stop the different sound waves from making their way between units. So here are the layers of soundproofing that we are adding at The Lexington:


1. Two layers of 5/8" fireguard drywall on the ceiling.

2. Resilient sound channel bars to separate the drywall from the wood joists.

3. Roxul safe n' sound insulation in the floor joists of the unit above.

4. On top of the sheathing that is on top of the floor joists, an acoustic soundproofing pad designed to go under gypcrete topping.

5. A 1" layer of gypcrete, which is kind of like a layer of concrete.

6. Another soundpad underneath the flooring above.

Each layer serves a different purposes, and each attacks a different type of sound. The goal is to stop those pesky little sound waves from travelling through the floor. That's the vertical attack - here's the horizontal:


1. A complete wall system is built for one unit, complete with drywall, buffalo board (sound-absorber), Roxul safe n' sound insulation, drywall.

2. An air gap is left between units. Air is actually one of the very best sound deadeners.

3. A complete wall system is built for the next unit (drywall, buffalo board, Roxul, drywall).

Essentially the units do not share a wall - they each have their own wall separated by an air gap.

As you can see, we've put a lot of effort and resources into ensuring that you have a quiet sleep - without hearing your neighbour's snores.


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