• Peter

Efficiency is key

As I write this, it is currently -36 degrees Celsius, with windchill of -46 degrees. This is pretty much the worst that Manitoba winter has for us. So I thought this would be a perfect time to talk about energy efficiency in our condos.

One of the biggest benefits of condo living is efficiency. Sharing some walls and floors/ceilings with neighbours creates an insulating effect - no big surprise there. And in these extremely cold (or in the summer, extremely hot) days, efficiency saves you money.

New construction in 2019 is vastly different than a few decades ago. Our condos are insulated to R22 on exterior walls (R50 in the roof) and the windows are Low-E and argon-filled to resist the outside weather. When you combine energy-efficient construction with the insulating effect of your neighbour's condo unit, you can expect that your energy bills will be substantially lower than in a single-family home, or in a unit that was built in earlier decades. The fixtures within your condo are also designed to operate on lower power: high-efficiency furnace and central air-conditioning, hot water tank and LED lighting, for example.

In winter, there is nothing like seeing the sunshine to lift your spirits, at least a little. Our condos face south to capture the rays. All units have over-sized windows that will flood your rooms with natural sunlight.

Efficient, and thoughtfully designed.


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